Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Kannur Alumni Association has a three level organisation structure as detailed below :

  1. A common group of All Alumni of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Kannur.
  2. ‎ An Alumni Council constituting of 3-5 members from each batch of JNV. They are mostly elected or nominated by their own batch.
  3. ‎ An Alumni Executive or Office Bearers who are nominated by the Alumni Council members from time to time

Who nominated the alumni executive members?

Establishing Atal Tinkering Lab at our JNV primarily necessitated the formation of a executive team to spearhead the activities of association at JNV. The first members were nominated by our Leader Shri.Shaji John (Batch 1) from the different batches after discussion in the Alumni Council WhatsApp Group.

Who are the present alumni executive members (office bearers)?

1. Vimal Remy(Batch 4) – President
2. ‎Salina (Batch 2) – Vice president
3. ‎Smitha RS (Batch 5) – Secretary
4. ‎Dayal Paleri(Batch 19) – Joint secretary
5. ‎Jithesh RV (Batch 1) – Treasurer 1
6. ‎Rajil(Batch 5) – Treasurer 2
7. ‎Tojo Mathew (Batch 6) – 1-10 batch coordinator, Communications
8. ‎Lighin (Batch 19) – 11-20 batch coordinator
9. Shaji John(Batch 1)- Mentor for the leadership team.